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buying a home


Whether it’s your family home or a real estate investment, buying a property is a complex operation that requires good thinking. To carry out this project, it is in your best interest to team up with a professional. With our knowledge and experience, we will guide you through all the steps necessary to purchase a home. We act as an objective coach who can help you structure your project and reflect on the important issues that will arise at each stage. In addition, as we are subject to the Real Estate Brokerage Act, we have strict rules and a code of ethics, the protections we offer will help you avoid potential problems.


Make the choice of a real estate broker that will meet your needs. Peace of mind, security, ease: consult your professional for a successful real estate transaction.


House, condo, loft, studio: what type of property is best for you and in which area? New or to renovated? How many rooms? How many bathrooms? Small or big ground? Review these key questions with us to help you determine the essential elements to carry out your project. This step is important because it allows you to evaluate the financial aspect of your project.


We can help you make an initial assessment of your budget, including whether it is in line with your objectives and the state of the market. You are then encouraged to begin your steps to obtain a pre-authorized loan from your financial institution. This crucial step speeds up the buying process and gives you credibility with the sellers. You are then ready to visit the properties.


Go and search for your future property, well accompanied. If you can explore alone the largest selection of properties for sale and rent in Quebec on our site, we have the expertise to allow you to buy your house at a fair price. To help you, we use the royallepage computerized system, a highly efficient tool that allows you to sort through all the real estate brokers offered properties on the market by. We are able to present you with a relevant and varied selection of properties that perfectly match your selection criteria. You are then ready to take the next step: the selection of properties to visit. We will be helped identify the advantages and disadvantages of each home or condo you visit.


We help you prepare your purchase offer. We will accompany you later and act as negotiator. Once your offer of purchase is accepted, you are informed of the steps to follow for the rest of the purchase process: the choice of a certified building inspector or a specialist in soil analysis, if necessary, the finalization of the financing, etc. If you sell your property at the same time, we also make sure to coordinate the transfer of securities to the notary.


From purchase offer, to the negotiation, to the choice of a notary and a qualified inspector, until the signing of the sale, the purchase of a property remains a complex process. The broker is a valuable ally to carry out your project, thanks to our knowledge, our network and experience. For many buyers, simplifying the purchase steps is a service that has a lot of value.